Syrian Regular Seeds

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Early maturing Middle Eastern variety
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Syria has a long tradition of cannabis cultivation, particularly in the mountainous western region bordering Lebanon. This is a fast-flowering strain sharing characteristics with Lebanese cultivars from Bekaa Valley and, to a lesser extent, with Sinai cultivars. Two main phenotypes can be found, namely "indica" and "sativa" plants. Indica plants can be expected to reach from 0.6m to 0.9m high. Sativa plants can reach around 1.2m to 1.5m. The indica phenotypes are more desirable compact types, whereas the sativa phenotypes appear to have more feral characteristics. As expected for a hashish cultivar, chemotypes range from THC-dominant to CBD-dominant. Plants require light nutrient regimes and benefit from being given a dry period between watering. The strain is adapted to a desert climate of hot days and cold nights. This Syrian variety has a positive, inspiring high with a mellow, physically relaxing effect. Recommended to collectors, particularly given that Syria is likely to remain inaccessible to visitors for the forseeable future. Note: these seeds were not obtained by RSC directly from Syria. However, a reproduction was run and a small number of packs have been made available for other interested collectors.
More Information
Manufacturer The Real Seed Company
Genetics Pure Syrian Hashish Cultivar
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular
CBD Content Unknown
Plant Height 60-150 cm
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Harvest Month September - October
Taste / Flavour Flowery, Fruity, Sweet
Effect Body, Happy, Head, Relaxing