Purple Ghost Candy Feminised Seeds

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Easy to grow plant of connoisseur quality - potent, high-yielding and highly resinous, perfect for extracts. Very high levels of THC.
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Purple Ghost Candy is an exciting cross between Ghost OG and one of the very best recent Purple cuts, viz. Candyland Purple. Purple Ghost Candy is 60% sativa with 40% indica genetics. These are large plants, easy to grow and with high potential yields both indoors and outdoors. High resin production and a tantalising terpene profile make this a must-grow strain for extract makers. 


How Purple Ghost Candy Grows 

Plants are quite sturdy and are vigorous growers with aggresive branching. Some support for the lateral branches of these large plants will be of benefit as they can grow to a height of between 250 - 350 cm. outdoors while indoor cultivators are recommended not to spend too long on the vegetative growth phase prior to flowering unless they have plenty of space and head-room. Even so a SCRoG set-up will both reduce the plants' height while exposing more bud sites to better light penetration leading to even bigger yields.

Indoors, plants grow to 130 - 160 cm. taking between 70 - 84 days to complete the flowering stage with yields of 500 - 600 gr/m2 rewarding growers. Outdoors in the northern hemisphere harvest time will be during the middle of October with each plant capable of yielding between 700 - 900 gr. each. A noteworthy facet is the very large, golden resin crystals that are produced, and these become noticeable after only a week or two of the flowering stage and which sticks like glue having a scent that persists for hours.

The top-most colas are an explosion of colour with the full spectrum of shades starting as a lime green and fading into yellows, reds, and oranges with the tips turning into dark red / purple colours that can either have a pastel or sharp gloss quality. Flowering finishes with a “pink-lemonade” appearance, reminiscent of a warm yellow-orange sunset with a dash of pink-purple velvet-matte colour.

Both feeding and ventilation requirements build to a peak at 8 weeks whereafter nutrient needs taper off. The last week or so it is advised to flush plants with iced water, the low temperatures acting to increase colour development. Dried and cured buds are lime green with purple pastel shades and of medium density. Inhalation is soft and mild due to the high resin content and clouds of smoke or vapour are dense.


Purple Ghost Candy Taste, Smell, and Effect

While Purple Ghost Candy has the typical fuel-like scent of OG strains, it is typified by spicy and earthy flavours alongside supporting notes of lemon with peachy tones. Initial notes are of a lemon-lime soda mixed with a peach/mint note on the tongue. Crisp, smooth, fruit-like aftertaste on exhale reminiscent of peach/grape candy. The lingering impression is comparable to eating peach ring candies with a dash of grape and lemon-lime candies at the forefront - refreshing and fruity.

THC production is very high at 27.54% with CBD content low. The effect produced is potent with a strong physical side balanced with a cerebrally stimulating effect too. This is a perfect strain to enjoy when just chilling out during a hard-earned rest.

The qualities expressed by Purple Ghost Candy make it eminently suitable for entering into cup competitions whether for bud or extracts/concentrates.

Check out this Purple Ghost Candy grow diary. 

More Information
Manufacturer Seedsman
Genetics Ghost OG x Candyland Purple
Variety Mostly Sativa
Other Features Great For Beginners, SCROG Setup
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
THC Content Very High (over 20%)
THC Content 27.54%
CBD Content Low (0-1%)
CBD Content <1%
Yield High
Yield Indoors: 500 - 600 gr/m2; Outdoors: 700 - 900 gr/plant
Plant Height Outdoors: 250 - 350 cm.
Grows Indoors, Outdoors
Max Flowering Time 12 weeks
Flowering Time 70 - 84 days
Harvest Month Mid-October outdoors, northern hemisphere.
Taste / Flavour Earthy, Fruity, Lemon, Spicy / Herbal
Effect Balanced, Powerful, Relaxing, Stimulating