Honduras Regular Seeds - Breeders Pack - 30

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Land-race sativa strain with an uplifting, open high.
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Honduras Regular is a 100% sativa pure second generation land-race marijuana strain from Central America. Its structure, life-cycle and appearance are very much like the old-time lowland Colombian strains of yore whilst the effect and terpene-profile is more reminiscent of old Mexican sativa strains with the added nervosity of certain African sativas.

To create Honduras Regular 2nd generation (P2) Ace Seeds' breeders pollinate the best first generation females (P1) of the 3 different phenotypes, with the best (most vigorous, productive and aromatic) 1st generation males: 2 males with strong aroma and reddish stems and 1 green male.

This Breeders Pack contains 10 seeds each of 3 different phenotypes:

  • Colombian: This one has the growth pattern and flower structure that is most like the Mexican pheno, but it is is more refined, pleasant and with more pronounced floral terpenes than the other phenotypes. It also has the highest concentration of both THC and terpenes. Can display beautiful purple colours in the buds, especially outdoors in lower temperatures, a trait derived from its old sativa heritage of Colombian purple, a line very similar to Purple Haze, but with faster flowering and high production.
  • Mexican: Woody, earthy, herbal, with a light note of fermented citrus in both scent and taste. Produces electric, stimulating and clean effects, such as an hour-long burst of energy, without any heaviness or hangover at all. The THC content of this pheno is mild (compared to modern hybrids), with zero or very low CBD or CBG content.
  • Late pheno: Rare, late-flowering pheno with creamy tropical aromas and a highly stimulating effect. Size and yield are a little smaller compared to other phenos, also takes 1-2 weeks longer flowering than the average of this strain. The flower structure of this pheno is also slightly different, producing pistils larger but less numerous than other phenos. The effect is very electric, clean and motivating, similar to the Mexican but with greater complexity and intensity.

Honduras is a tropical sativa with a very high yield and great vigour in the early stages of growth with accompanying high resistance to the hot and humid conditions and fungal spores found in its natural environment. It will grow indoors and also outdoors up to around 43° of latitude. Higher than this and the growing season is too short for its long flowering to yield satisfactory results.

Indoors Honduras will need powerful lighting to mimic the power of the tropical/sub-tropical sun. Because of its size potential it is highly recommended to begin flowering at 11 hours on/13 hours off at 15 days from germination or 7 days of rooting for cuttings in order to control the stretch and overall size. Outdoors tropical/sub-tropical and Mediterranean climates are most suited. Indoors flowering will take around 14 weeks; outdoors plants are ready to chop down during November in the northern hemisphere. Low quantities of NPK nutrients are required in the early stages with an increase in P & K during flowering. Yields can be truly exceptional

The aroma and flavour is typically sativa being floral, citric, woody and spicy. Despite its moderate production of THC at between 11 - 18%, with low CBD as well (0.06%), the effect is very clear, clean and physically active it being suitable for various activities and work. The effect is without ceiling or come-down and it is recommended for migraine sufferers and those with a tendency to apathy. Contra-indications include anxiety, insomnia, heart problems or Parkinson's Disease. This is a great strain for those wishing to breed sativa hybrid strains.

More Information
Manufacturer Ace Seeds
Genetics 2nd generation pure landrace sativa from Honduras.
Pack Size 30 Seeds
Variety Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular
THC Content High (15-20%)
THC Content 11% - 18%
CBD Content Low (0-1%)
CBD Content 0.06%
Yield High
Grows Indoors, Outdoors
Max Flowering Time 14 weeks
Flowering Time 98 days
Medical Conditions Migraines
Medicinal Properties Effective against migraine and apathy.
Effect Energetic, Stimulating , Uplifting