Variedades Haze

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Variedades Haze

Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain with a rich history that dates back to 1960s from California. Because of the long growing seasons and long flowering times, Santa Cruz was the perfect backdrop for this strain. After 2-3 decades, its popularity outgrew and haze became the parent strain to many hybrids worldwide. The genetics have crossed crossing many diverse landraces and oceans, leading to strains that originate in Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and India, eventually resulted in what we know today as the original Haze hybrid strains.  

THC: the average THC content in Sativa-dominant strains is around 14%. However, haze stands out with THC ranging from 18% to 27%, Haze is a staple in the cannabis industry for decades. The aromatic buds are well worth the wait of a long. 

AROMA: The spiciness of this strain draws in by the nose, but it’s the earthiness and sugary sweet flavours that have come to be associated with the name that hooks.  

FLAVOUR: These buds have the classic olive green and orange-haired appearance. The uniqueness of the strain has been nearly replicated time and time again, but none have reached the perfect match. For this reason, the Haze high remains one of a kind. 

EFFECTS: The high-energy that the sativa provides gives this one a creative buzz that not many can parallel. The Indica, however, counters that high energy with a completely relaxed body. This isn’t a building high; this is a “one or two hits to feel good” high, it is recommended to check limits. 

MEDICAL BENEFITS: Medicinally, Haze has many applications. Because it is indeed an uplifting strain, many use it in the treatment of depression, stress, bipolar and fatigue. The stimulative features make it highly beneficial for loss of appetite, digestive issues, and inflammation. This strain has a hard come down that usually induces sleep, so many can also use it as an aid for insomnia or restless leg syndrome.  

SIDE EFFECTS: Haze can have a tendency to get ahead and if smoked to excess can induce paranoia, anxiety, dry mouth, and itchy eyes. 

HARVESTING: Warm temperate weather is a favourite of this plant. For expert growers who have endless amounts of patience, Haze will be the best choice.  

RESISTANCE: Though it is resistant to most moulds and mildews and will produce an above average yield, this is a very long growing period and falls under the category of “temperamental and difficult to cultivate.” 

POPULAR STRAINS: Includes, super lemon haze, Neville's haze, amnesia haze, dela haze, super silver haze, chocolate haze, gipsy haze, G13 haze, blue haze and canoplope haze. These are favourite among hundreds of strains. Obviously due their high yield and unique features. 

Many consider Haze to be the most popular strain in the cannabis word for many reasons. Not only it is unique in ways that many have tried to copy or borrow, but it is a perfect unwind strain for an end-of-a-long-day high. Whatever the reason for loving Haze is, it’s one of its kind.

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