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The Blueberry Cannabis strain is without a doubt one of the most exquisite and colourful cannabis hybrids available in seed form today.

The history of the strain takes us back to the West Coast of the United States sometime during the 1970’s, where a breeder named DJ Short was working on a multitude of exotic landrace sativas from places like Colombia, Panama, Mexico and Thailand. He was growing up to 100 plants at the time, both indoors and outdoors, on constant lookout for desirable traits in the individuals. Needless to say, he sampled a great number of plants until he found what he was looking for.

His extensive research led him to the discovery of two very special sativas. According to the master breeder himself, the first plant was a highly potent all-around champion, “Juicy Fruit” Highland Thai female. It packed a very sweet tropical punch and an intense high that lasted for many hours.

The second plant was a Purple Thai out of Oregon, Ohio. This plant was a cross between an outstanding Highland Oaxaca Gold and a Chocolate Thai. The hybrid was very dark coloured and would express a deep royal purple colour at the slightest exposure to cold. The finished product was equally tasty and as strong as the Juicy Fruit female. Although both plants were equally matched when it came to potency, the Purple Thai became DJ Short’s personal favourite. These two old school “Thai Stick” sativas make up the female pedigree of all the DJ Short strains.

The male that DJ Short used was an Afghani indica that was brought to his attention in 1979 by some growers from California. Although the indica plant was something of a novelty at that time when sativas ruled the grow rooms, it soon became apparent that the plant was here to stay.

With these plants in his repertoire, DJ Short applied his knowledge of breeding and created new floral lines using the three plants that he had discovered. Soon enough he established his two best known strains; namely Blueberry and Flo.

DJ Short created the Blueberry Cannabis strain by crossing the earlier lines to Juicy Fruit/Afghani hybrids. This means that there is a little of both the sativa mothers in the Blueberry. The Original Blueberry was bred towards an indica expression although a more sativa dominant plant was also worked on and later refined into what we today know as the Blueberry Sativa. 

Both a rewarding smoke and grow, Blueberry cannabis strains offer sweet flavours and relaxing, euphoric effects with a high THC content.

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