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SOG Setup

The SOG is a technique used to force an early bloom of plants, also known as the Sea of Green Technique. This method allows horticulturalists to harvest their plants when their plants are at a much younger age.

Growing plants from the sea of the green method do not require any specialised training or equipment. It is mostly a matter of pruning and lighting. However, it requires much labour and large growing space. It's essential to choose plant varieties that are known for quicker flowering rates, as well as only use cuttings that are of uniform size and growing conditions.


The seeds are germinated usually, but grown using 18-24 hours of light per day which reduces rest time and forces the plant to grow faster. The light time is then reduced to precisely 12 hours to force flowering. The lower branches are trimmed off directing the energy into the bloom, and the plants are then ready to harvest.

SOG method is not suitable for long-term use as it will stress a plant, forcing it to abort its fruit. Some forms of the SOG technique are used in the commercial growing of annuals.

This method works best with four or more plants: If have too few plants, this method will not work. The goal is to create a collective canopy formed by plants to take advantage of the light.

Too many plants in grow space: To see more branch growth and less bud production, there is little light that will hit the branches below the canopy, which means plants will make the most out of light, spending less time making branches and more time producing buds. Make sure to have room for growth of plants to maximise the light coverage.

By starting the flowering stage much earlier than usual, this technique is perfect for growers using smaller spaces, and even bigger growers with multiple growing tables. If the goal is yielding big harvests fast, SOG is the best technique to invest in.


• Maximum yields in minimum time

• Multiple harvests per year

• Multiple layers growing above each other

• Not much vertical space required

• Very well suited for commercial growers

• Particularly well-suited for Cannabis varieties


• Hybrid varieties cannot easily be combined

• More time needed to tend to a large number of plants

• Because a large number of plants are required, it may end up breaking the law

• Pests and diseases can spread very quickly

Every growing method has its pros and cons, depending upon where planting is being done. The available space, equipment, experience, and not forgetting personal preferences, one method or another may be the best. Getting the hands dirty beats to book learning here. It generally takes a few test runs before to master any particular approach to cultivatio

SOG comparatively sounds simple. That’s because it is. Even though it needs more than a few plants to pull it off, but once it is gated the hang of it. It makes wonder that why didn’t use SOG before.

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