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Fresh Candy Feminised Seeds

Pyramid Seeds
Fresh Candy Feminised Seeds pelo produtor de canábis Pyramid Seeds, é uma cepa de Fotoperíodo de maconha Feminizada. Esta cepa dePrincipalmente Indica rende uma Alto produção de 500 - 600 gr/m2 indoors; 200 - 1300 gr. per plant outdoors. Estas sementes germinam em 50 - 60 days, em Early September. Esta semente Feminizada cresce bem em condições de Interior, Exterior. Além disso, tem previsão de crescimento até Media, Alta, atingindo a altura de 70cm - 200cm. A genética desta cepa é Afghani x Hawaiian x Nepalese . Seu Teor de THC é de Alto (15-20%). O teor de CBD da cepa é de Baixo (0-1%).
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Fresh Candy is a cannabis strain derived from a specially-selected pheno-type of Sweet Tooth that was produced by Spice of Life Seeds. It is a 75% indica strain created by crossing Afghani, Hawaiian and Nepalese geno-types. Fresh Candy is a robust, multi-branched plant that produces hard, dense buds sparkling with resin.

Fresh Candy is a relatively fast-flowering plant that grows well indoors and outdoors. Indoors it will reach a height of 70 - 120 cm. producing between 500 - 600 gr/m2 under 600 watt lights in flowering period of 50 - 60 days. Harvesting at the 50 day mark when the trichomes are clear will produce a more energetic, clear high and those who want something a bit more physical in effect should go the full distance and harvest their plants at the around 60 days when the trichomes are cloudy or amber.

Plants grown outdoors can grow to 200 cm. tall if planted in the ground. Yields will be between 200 - 1300 gr/plant with harvests in the northern hemisphere being in early September. It adapts well to a range of conditions and is very easy to grow requiring little in the way of attention or skill. As such it is an ideal strain for beginners.As you might expect the taste is very sweet and like candy. THC production is good at 17% with 1% CBD. The effect is very uplifting and pleasantly relaxing. For those with a sweet tooth Fresh Candy will really hit the spot.


Fabricante Pyramid Seeds
Também Conhecido Como Sweet Tooth
Genética Afghani x Hawaiian x Nepalese
Variedade Principalmente Indica
Tipo de floração Fotoperíodo
Sexo Feminizada
Teor THC 17%
Teor CBD 1%
Rendimento 500 - 600 gr/m2 indoors; 200 - 1300 gr. per plant outdoors
Altura da planta 70cm - 200cm
Cresce Exterior, Interior
Floração 50 - 60 days
Período de Colheita Early September
Gosto / Sabor Bala, Doce
Efeito Encorajador, Relaxante

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About Pyramid Seeds

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Pyramid Seeds are an up-and-coming breeder collective based in Barcelona that aim to offer the best in feminized cannabis seeds to their customers. However, rather than trying to appeal to expert growers or amateur growers only, Pyramid Seeds believe their strains suit both parties in equal measure.

After a number of years creating strains exclusively for a Spanish audience, Pyramid Seeds decided to announce themselves to the global market and can now sell their products all over the world.

All of the strains available in the Pyramid Seeds library are simple to grow and come at an affordable price. However, the complexity of the flavours, aromas and effects of their strains make them truly unique and supremely easy to fall in love with!

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about Pyramid Seeds is that they have not changed much of their cultivation process since their humble beginnings as a small breeding group. All seeds are still hand-picked and each one is vigorously tested to ensure that customers do not experience any cultivation issues. This is why Pyramid Seeds have a small but loyal following of customers who are never disappointed in the products that they purchase.

While each of the strains in Pyramid Seeds’ library offers a unique and complex characteristics, there are some that have become immensely popular above all others. The New York City strain is perhaps the most popular autoflowering variety in their collection. It is a sativa dominant hybrid that has a unique citrus aroma and high potency. While in Pyramid’s feminised collection, the Super OG Kush has gained much praise for its fast, productive flowering and its ability to bring a really distinct flavour considering its Hindu Kush lineage.

Experience the strains from one of Spain’s newest and most popular breeders. All of Pyramid Seeds’ phenomenal strains are available on Seedsman now.

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