Magic Flight

Magic Flight

Magic Flight is the only vaporizer company, that we know of, which is underpinned by philosophical principles. Based in San Diego, California, and inspired by the writings of author Forrest Landry*, the quote on the underside of the Magic Flight Launch Box reads:

Love is that which enables choice Love is always stronger than fear Always choose on the basis of love
The Magic Flight Company sincerely believes that this aphorism is the one simple idea that should inform all human decision making and claims that adherence to these principles has led to the success of the company.

Listening to the needs of its customers has enabled it to provide its products and services in an increasingly socially and ecologically sustainable manner. The Launch Box is both a manifestation and an expression of love thereby helping people to breathe more easily every day - quite literally! The Launch Box is regarded equally as a publishing medium for the quote rather than simply something added underneath the box.

The name Magic Flight was chosen as an expression of the founders' ideals to influence the real world with both spirit (magic) and imagination (flight of fancy). In their own words "to conceive of something beautiful and then to make it happen in a practical way". With the Launch Box and its attendant products this has clearly been achieved in spades.

All Magic Flight products are crafted by skilled artisans in San Diego. The Launch Box is an environmentally friendly vaporizer employing natural, renewable materials. Hand-built in an 87-step process using time-honoured techniques and custom tooling achieves the highest levels of quality, accuracy and excellence. In this way Magic Flight is able to offer a Lifetime Warranty that stipulates "if it breaks...we send a replacement box unit for free". N.B. This warranty is with the manufacturer and not the retailer.

* The writings of Forrest Landry:

  • The Foundations of an Applied Ontological Metaphysics
  • The Immanent Metaphysics
  • The Effective Choice

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