Haze x Kali China Feminised Seeds

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Psychedelic Haze strain.
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Haze x Kali China is an 80% sativa F1 cannabis hybrid strain that utilises the famous Purple Haze in its genetic mix. It grows into a tall, typically sativa, plant with long, thin-fingered leaves and a medium inter-nodal length between budding sites. It grows well indoors where there is plenty of light concentration and will reach maturity up to 43° of latitude in maritime climates or up to 35° in continental or mountainous regions.

Flowering takes quite a while due to the high proportion of sativa genetics; indoors count on 12-14 weeks, outdoors harvest will not be until November in the northern hemisphere. This plant displays better than average resistance to heat, cold, humidity as well as against a range of pests and diseases such as white fly and grey rot. Haze x Kali China is not a particularly hungry plant and does not require high nutrient levels. Beware especially the over-feeding of nitrogen which will result in burning. Yields are average.

The flavours and aromas of Haze x Kali China are very typical of Haze-type strains being of old wood, incense and hash with notes of tropical fruits and good red wine. The effect is also classic Haze; psychedelic and somewhat introspective.

More Information
Fabricante Ace Seeds
Genética Purple Haze x Kali China.
Variedade Principalmente Sativa
Tipo de floração Fotoperíodo
Sexo Feminizada
Teor THC Alto (15-20%)
Teor THC 15% - 18%
Teor CBD Baixo (0-1%)
Rendimento Baixo, Médio
Cresce Exterior, Interior
Tempo de floração máxima 14 semanas
Floração 84 - 98 days
Período de Colheita November northern hemisphere
Gosto / Sabor Aveleira, Frutuoso, Lenhoso
Efeito Cabeça, Cerebral, Psicodélico