Gold Glue Auto Feminised Seeds

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Compact plant with high odour and sedative potency.
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Gold Glue Auto is a 75% indica F1 plant that is small and bushy. It is a cross of 24 Carat and 4 Assed Monkey strains. It is mainly an indoor strain unless you are fortunate enough to live in a region with a warm climate although it is extremely versatile in terms of "type of grow", viz. with careful nurturing and plenty of root space it can become quite big and at the other end of the scale if root space is restricted in smaller pots it can be grown in a SOG. SCRoG also helps to spread the bud sites out increasing air circulation.

The total life cycle of this plant is between 60 - 70 days and grows 45 - 70 cm. tall. As with most auto strains it is essential to get the first 2 - 3 weeks correct in terms of watering and nutrients so that the plants get off to the best possible start. Unlike with photo-period strains it is not possible to veg. longer to correct earlier mistakes due to the auto-flowering genetics which ensure flowering commences without any photo- trigger. Odour control will be required. Expected yield is 60 - 100 gr/plant.

The buds have a very good density, and with relatively few leaves manicuring is a breeze, as well as being very oily. The scent and taste is of tropical fruit running to creamy coffee through to sour. The effect is physically heavy and mentally meditative and ultimately relaxing. Therapeutically its narcotic and sedative qualities make a good remedy for insomnia. Great for extracts due to its high resin production.

More Information
Fabricante Mephisto Genetics
Genética 24 Carat x 4 Assed Monkey
Variedade Principalmente Indica
Tipo de floração Autoflorescentes
Sexo Feminizada
Teor THC Desconhecido
Teor CBD Desconhecido
Rendimento Baixo, Médio
Rendimento 60 - 100 gr/plant
Altura da planta 45 - 70 cm.
Cresce Interior
Tempo de floração máxima 10 semanas
Floração 60 - 70 days
Circunstâncias Médicas Insônia
Propriedades Medicinais Yes
Gosto / Sabor Azedo, Café, Creme, Doce, Frutuoso, Tropical
Efeito Físico, Meditativo, Potente, Relaxante