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Colossal Purps is a cross of the legendary Grandaddy Purps and a strain called Elephant Bud. A most colourful and productive strain.

Having discovered a specially-potent cut of Ken Estes Grandaddy Purple the guys at Mega Buds just had to use it for their mega-exciting range. The results were stunning, with consistently stupendous progeny every time. After 4 generations a consistently stable version was produced.

This is an absolute whopper of a plant. Indoors she will reach a height of between 190 - 210 cm. yielding 650 - 750 gr/m2 in a 10 - 11 week period of florescence. Outdoors growers can expect real monsters, growing up to 300 cm tall and very nearly as wide, with harvest festival taking place during mid-October in the northern hemisphere.

This is one very colourful plant. Somewhat sativa-leaning, its multi-branched structure will produce massive colas. This is a strain that will definitely benefit from training in terms of yield but also in order to restrict its height for a lower profile. Staking will be essential if the branches aren't to snap under the heavy weight of its colas.

THC production is around 21 - 22% with enhanced levels of THCA. CBD is low at beween 0.2 - 0.4%. The effect is uplifting, cerebral and energetic. Great for day-time use as well as for parties. Not recommended if you want an early night!

More Information
Fabricante Mega Buds
Genética Grandaddy Purps x Elephant Bud
Variedade Principalmente Sativa
Tipo de floração Fotoperíodo
Sexo Feminizada
Teor THC Muito alto (20% +)
Teor THC 21 - 22%
Teor CBD Baixo (0-1%)
Teor CBD 0.2 - 0.4%
Rendimento Alto
Rendimento Indoors: 650 - 750 gr/m2
Altura da planta Indoors: 190 - 210 cm; Outdoors: 300 cm
Cresce Exterior, Interior
Tempo de floração máxima 11 semanas
Floração 70 - 77 days
Período de Colheita mid-October
Efeito Cerebral, Encorajador, Energético, Falante, Stimulating