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Good night time meds
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425 is Chem 4 clone and a strong, Northern Lights #2/#5 male (Mr.Nice). 425 is full on Indica, and will stay short with a minimum stretch, perfect for growers with height restrictions. Dense flowers, completely caked in trichs, a very potent line that is perfect for night time meds. The yield is good to great. Extremely easy to grow, this gear will Not disappoint the most seasoned gardener. Multiple keepers in every pack.
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Fabricante Cannaventure Seeds
Genética Chem 4 clone x Northern Lights #2 / #5 (Ortega)
Número de Sementes por Pacote 10 Sementes
Variedade Indica
Tipo de floração Fotoperíodo
Sexo Regular
Teor CBD Desconhecido
Rendimento Alto
Rendimento High
Altura da planta Medium
Cresce Exterior, Interior
Tempo de floração máxima 9 semanas
Floração 8-9 weeks
Período de Colheita September - October
Circunstâncias Médicas Dor, Fatiga, Náusea
Propriedades Medicinais Helps with muscle soreness, chronic pain, fatigue, nausea