Kerala Chellakutti Regular Seeds - 12

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Long-flowering, psychedelic landrace sativa from southern India.
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The South Indian region of the Western Ghats is the natural home of these Kerala Chellakutti landrace seeds. Originating in a remote, mountainous area close to the border with Tamil Nadu, Kerala Chellakutti has become adapted to wet and dry conditions as well as warm and hot climates. These qualities make it ideal for greenhouse cultivation.

Kerala Chellakutti has very high resistance to mould and thrives in poor quality soils. Just very light feeding during flowering should be all that is needed for a successful crop. The flowering stretch is such that it is only recommended for experienced growers indoors, it being more suited to outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. Certainly, the latter will require the use of training techniques to control its height. Indoors growers are advised to provide a lighting regime of 11 hours on, 13 hours off, during its entire lifecycle which will help to kick-start flowering and also have some height-reducing effect. Flowering is very long at between 18 - 25 weeks! Yields are said to only be average but the reward of growing such strains is the pure quality rather than large quantity of dried flowers.

Unlike many other South Indian varieties, Kerala Chellakutti does not have a fruity taste instead having spicy, haze-y and metallic notes. The effect is really rather special. It is a soaring, cerebral, psychedelic-type of high without apparent ceiling and very social too. Its high is very long-lasting and has no sense of tiredness as it wears off leaving the consumer feeling fresh and alert, very clear , clean and uplifting.

in order to reject weak and hermaphroditic phenotypes a controlled open pollination was undertaken to allow for selection to get rid of these unwanted phenos. As a result most plants with these traits have been expunged.

South Indian landraces are in great danger of being lost forever as a combination of urbanisation, government eradication programmes and the introduction of 'foreign' faster-finishing strains are introduced. help preserve these valuable genetics and get your landrace seeds from Seedsman today.

More Information
Manufacturer Khalifa Genetics
Genetics South Indian landrace
Pack Size 12 Seeds
Variety Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular
THC Content Unknown
CBD Content Unknown
Yield Medium
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Max Flowering Time 25 weeks
Flowering Time 126 - 175 days
Taste / Flavour Haze, Metallic, Spicy / Herbal
Effect Cerebral, Energetic, Long-lasting, Psychedelic, Strong, Uplifting