Kannastör® GR8TR® V2 Series Grinder with Jar Screen Chamber and Stainless Easy Change Screen™

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Versatile jar body grinder, modular design with many possible user configurations.
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The modular design of the Kannastör® GR8TR® V2 Series Grinder with Jar Screen Chamber and Stainless Steel Easy Change Screen™ provides a plethora of possible permutations for you to use. It is fashioned from hardened, food-grade anodised aluminium and comes complete with anti-friction and residue rings - this is a must buy for the connoisseur and enables a direct visual of how much ground material is left in the see-through jar.

Included in this modular grinder is the versatility to switch easy change grinder plates (one standard and one for vaping materials), removable sifting unit, storage unit, storage sifter as well as grind and go capability with the storage puck.

This modular grinder is available in Black, Rose Gold and Silver and has the following features:

  • Jar Body Design
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Food-Grade Aluminium
  • Precision Engineering for a Perfect Grind
  • GR8TR® Storage Lid
  • Spare Grinder Plate Storage
  • Anti-friction and Residue Rings
  • Deep Dish Grinding Chamber
  • Micro Teeth
  • Easy Change GR8TR® Plates
  • Ground Material Storage & Screen Chamber
  • Easy Change Screen™ 60 Mesh
  • Polished Puck Base
  • Dimensions: Height: 3.8", Diameter: 2.2"
  • Patented Worldwide

More Information
Manufacturer Kannastor
Size 2.2"
Material Aluminium