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Our unmatched range of seeds is what makes Seedsman famous, with thousands of different strains ready for your collection.    

Our genetics are sourced from expert breeders across the globe, including the best in autoflowering seeds, regular seeds, and feminised cannabis seeds. Seedsman stocks incredibly potent high THC seeds, as well as the best CBD cannabis seeds, available anywhere online.   

If you’re looking for the best genetics to collect in the world, look no further.   

We provide international postage, discreet delivery with up-to-date order tracking and multiple payment options.  

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Feminiserte cannabisfrø

Feminised Cannabisfrø

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Autoblomstrende cannabisfrø

Autoflowering Cannabisfrø

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Vanlige - Cannabisfrø

Regelmessig Cannabisfrø

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Høy THC - Cannabisfrø

Høy THC Cannabisfrø

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Høy CBD- Cannabisfrø

Høy CBD Cannabisfrø

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Cannabis Cup Vinner - Cannabis Seeds

Vinner Cannabis Cup Cannabisfrø

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Innendørs - Cannabisfrø

Innendørs Cannabisfrø

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Utendørs - Cannabisfrø

Utendørs Cannabisfrø

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