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Quick an compact. Good for medical users
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Taomatic is a classic autoflowering variety with short period of growth and flowering. It is suitable for indoor growing in a greenhouse, on a balcony or terrace, small garden. You can set seeds in the ground up to mid-July. If the indica genome manifests, the plant remains smaller and matures after only eight weeks since germination! The genome of sativa will ripen a little longer and its height will be over one meter. Thanks to the increased content of CBD, the plant is suitable for the medical application, relieves pain, brings peace and tranquility. Smells like citrus and the red grapefruit. If we start early in the spring, we will achieve three harvests during one year.
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Coltivatore Top Tao Seeds
Grandezza Dei Pacchi 10 Semi
Varietà Indica / Sativa
Tipo di fioritura Autofiorenti
Sesso Regolare
Contenuto di CBD Medio (1-5%)
Contenuto di CBD Medium +
Altezza della pianta 70 - 150 cm
Crescita Cresce al chiuso, Cresce all'aperto, Serra
Max tempo di fioritura 8 settimane, 9 settimane, 10 settimane, 11 settimane, 12 settimane
Tempo di fioritura 3-3,5 months after germination
Disturbi Medici Dolore, Stress
Proprietà Mediche Helps with pain and stress
Gusto / Aroma Agrumi, Pompelmo