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A shorter and faster version of its predecessor
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Sour Diesel Auto is a cross of a Sour Diesel #2 with a ruderalis plant. It is the auto-flowering version of Sour Diesel #2 and is 70% cannabis sativa. It is quite a stealthy strain for covert outdoor grow-ops.

Sour Diesel Auto is a very easy-to-grow strain whether for indoors or outdoors. It keeps quite a low profile but if it looks like it's getting too tall for comfort outdoors then topping would be a good solution. As the buds fill out the short inter-nodal spacing means that they join up to form elongated, resinous colas. Yields are in the region of 60 gr/plant although more dedicated growers, or those with more skill/experience, will be able to get considerably more than this. Indoor grows will see the best yields from a SoG set-up.

In terms of aroma Sour Diesel Auto smells of citrus fruits with notes of noble woods. The overwhelming flavour is of diesel and sour fruit. THC production is about 13% - 17% with the by now familiar low CBD profile of the majority of Humboldt Seeds Organization's non-CBD range. The effect is very much in line with this strain's sativa dominance; powerful, uplifting, euphoric and cerebral. A great social smoke.

More Information
Coltivatore Humboldt Seed Organization
Specie Genetiche Sour Diesel#2 x Ruderalis
Varietà Indica / Sativa
Tipo di fioritura Autofiorenti
Sesso Femminizzato
Contenuto di THC Alto (15-20%)
Contenuto di THC 13% - 17%
Contenuto di CBD Basso (0-1%)
Contenuto di CBD 0.1%
Resa Media
Resa 60+ gr/plant
Altezza della pianta 1 - 2 meters outdoors
Crescita Cresce al chiuso, Cresce all'aperto
Max tempo di fioritura 11 settimane
Tempo di fioritura 70-75 days
Mese di raccolta from April to October
Gusto / Aroma Boscoso, Di frutta, Di terra, Diesel
Effetto A lunga durata, Cerebral, Edificante, Euforico, Potente