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Renaissance CBD has been available for some time as a regular strain but is now making an appearance in its feminised version. It was bred by crossing Juanita la Lagrimosa with a male KC36 indica and is itself 75% sativa in genetic composition.

Possibly not a plant for the inexperienced or novice gardener, Renaissance responds well to love and care in order to obtain dense and resinous buds. There are 2 phenotypes with the sativa-leanibg pheno the bigger yielder while the indica-type has a marked tendency to turn purple towards the end of flowering especially where the night temperatures are considerably cooler than those during the day. Flowering will take between 65 - 75 days indoors while outdoor harbests will be ready by the 3rd. week of October in northern latitudes.

This is a strain that displays very good resistance to mould. Its flavour is spicy and fruity and it has medium levels of THC at between 8 - 14% while CBD levels are between 2 - 4%. It can be enjoyed all day as although its effect is very relaxing it does not cause sleepiness at all.

More Information
Coltivatore French Touch Seeds
Specie Genetiche Juanita la Lagrimosa x KC36
Varietà Prevalentemente Sativa
Tipo di fioritura Fotoperiodo
Sesso Femminizzato
Contenuto di THC Medio (10-15%)
Contenuto di THC 8 - 14%
Contenuto di CBD Medio (1-5%)
Contenuto di CBD 2 - 4%
Crescita Cresce al chiuso, Cresce all'aperto, Serra
Max tempo di fioritura 11 settimane
Tempo di fioritura 65 - 75 days
Mese di raccolta 3rd week October
Proprietà Mediche Yes
Gusto / Aroma Di frutta, Piccante / Speziato
Effetto Rilassante