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OG Kush is a 75% indica blend of Lemon Thai x Pakistani Kush with Chemdog. It has become one of the world's most popular strain of cannabis due to its high levels of THC and its amazing effect.

OG Kush has a relatively fast flowering period reaching maturity in 55 - 60 days indoors, where it yields 450 gr/m2, and by mid-October outdoors. It can grow very tall, up to 300 cm, if planted in the ground providing plenty of root space. Buds are quite a lights green, have good density and are packed with crystals.

The scent and flavour are like lemon and diesel fuel combined. THC levels are in the neighbourhood of 24% with 0.23% CBD. The effect is sensational with physical paralysis likely.

More Information
Coltivatore BlimBurn Seeds
Specie Genetiche (Lemon Thai x Pakistani) x Chemdog
Varietà Prevalentemente Indica
Tipo di fioritura Fotoperiodo
Sesso Femminizzato
Contenuto di THC Molto alto (oltre 20%)
Contenuto di THC 24%
Contenuto di CBD Basso (0-1%)
Contenuto di CBD 0.23%
Resa Alta
Resa Indoor: 450 g/plant
Altezza della pianta up to 3 metres
Crescita Cresce al chiuso, Cresce all'aperto
Max tempo di fioritura 9 settimane
Tempo di fioritura Indoors: 55 - 60 days & Outdoors: middle of October
Gusto / Aroma Diesel, Limone
Effetto Cerebral, Fisico, Potente