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Hand-rubbed charas strain.
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Murree hails from Murree, Pir Panjal, Pakistan, a region known as the Galyat Himalaya, at latitude 33.5° north. Their appearance suggests that they sit somewhere between a domesticated land-race strain and a wild, weedy type of cannabis known as ruderal. Murree is positioned in an alpine region where it receives heavy monsoon rains; consequently these plants have a very good resistance to the rains and humidity, and also to the

Lying to the west of the Kashmir region, Murree is the most westerly outpost for hand-rubbing charas in the manner of Kashmiri or Malana hash. This fact gives a string indication that these plants are closely related to those in Kashmir itself. These plants grow at altitude, around 2500 metres, and grow very tall at 3 metres or more. They can be either broad or medium-leaved, with red stems, and produce plenty of resin despite the rains being highly mould-resistant. This strain can also be grown in a greenhouse but some training will probably be required to control its height. Northern hemisphere harvests will be during October.

A range of scents from floral and sweet citrus to fuel and rubber is produced. Some plants will produce quite high levels of CBD while others may show ruderal or intermediate traits. Especially good for those who love charas plants or Kashmir and other Himalayan land-race strains.

More Information
Coltivatore The Real Seed Company
Specie Genetiche Galyat Himalaya Land-race
Varietà Prevalentemente Indica
Tipo di fioritura Fotoperiodo
Sesso Regolare
Contenuto di THC Sconosciuto
Contenuto di CBD Sconosciuto
Altezza della pianta 300 cm. or more
Crescita Cresce all'aperto, Serra
Mese di raccolta October
Gusto / Aroma Agrumi, Benzina, Di fiori, Dolce, Rubber