Deep Neville Regular Seeds

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High THC sativa dominant medical strain.
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Deep Neville Regular is a sativa dominant cannabis strain (60% sativa, 40% indica) which has a flowering time of between 8 and 11 weeks and which produces more than 20% THC. A Neville's Haze from the 1990s was crossed with a Deep Chunk to produce a plant with bright green foliage and traces of purple in the mature buds.

Great care should be taken to remove male plants as soon as the little green balls attached to the nodes become apparent. The buds, while not particularly large, are very dense and compact, shiny with resin and have dark colours. Its flavour is intense lemon together with the earthy notes from the Deep Chunk father. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors where it will exceed 150cm in height. Indoors the flowering period varies between 8 and 11 weeks and outdoors it will have reached maturity by late October. The yield is in excess of 450 gr/m2 indoors and 450 gr per plant outdoors.

The high THC produces a very psychoactive effect and gives a very energetic feeling and this is not a plant for the novice or even for those suffering with anxiety problems. It is recommended as a very good strain from which to make cannabis infused olive oil which is an effective remedy to counter the nausea which accompanies chemotherapy and improves the appetite.

More Information
Coltivatore Medical Seeds
Specie Genetiche Neville's Haze x Deep Chunk
Varietà Prevalentemente Sativa
Tipo di fioritura Fotoperiodo
Sesso Regolare
Contenuto di THC Molto alto (oltre 20%)
Contenuto di CBD Basso (0-1%)
Contenuto di CBD 0.1%
Resa Alta
Resa 450 - 550 gr/m2 indoors; 450+ gr per plant outdoors
Altezza della pianta 200cm - 300cm
Crescita Cresce al chiuso, Cresce all'aperto, Serra
Max tempo di fioritura 11 settimane
Tempo di fioritura 8 - 11 weeks
Mese di raccolta October
Disturbi Medici Carenza d’Appetito, Nausea
Proprietà Mediche Yes
Gusto / Aroma Di terra, Limone
Effetto Energetico
Premio 1st Prize Best Sativa Oil Hunters Cup Madrid 2015; 1st Prize Solvent Extraction Spannabis Malaga 2015 Malaga ; 1st Prize Solvent Extraction Association Cannabis 3rd MC 2015 winter tasting Miranda de Ebro