Bubba Kush Auto Feminised Seeds

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Compact strain with medicinal use.
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Bubba Kush Auto is an indica-dominant auto-flowering strain based on Bubba Kush with added Ruderalis genetics.It is faithful to its photo-period original in terms of its aroma, flavour and effect.

Bubba Kush Auto is 85% indica; an easy-to-grow strain producing round, compact buds packed with THC-carrying resin crystals. It does not enjoy high levels of humidity therefore good air circulation must be addressed when growing indoors where a yield of 30 - 90 gr/plant can be yours in just 65 - 70 days from seed. Outdoors it does well in warm, dry climates such as that found in the Mediterranean or in California. Failing that then greenhouse grows will also do well as long as the air circulation is up to scratch. Outdoors plants can grow to a height of 100 - 160 cm. with each plant yielding up to 110 gr.

The aroma of this strain is a mixture of sweet ripe fruit and citrus fruit. On the palate the flavour is somewhat sweet and earthy and just as intense as the original strain on which this auto is based. THC production is between 17% - 21% with CBD levels of 0.3%. The effect is powerful, long-lasting and brings about a feeling of ultra-deep relaxation. Therapeutically it is recommended to relieve muscle pain, insomnia and, due to its appetite-stimulating qualities, anorexia.

More Information
Coltivatore Humboldt Seed Organization
Specie Genetiche Bubba Pre'98 x Ruderalis
Varietà Prevalentemente Indica
Tipo di fioritura Autofiorenti
Sesso Femminizzato
Contenuto di THC Alto (15-20%)
Contenuto di THC 17% - 21%
Contenuto di CBD 0.3%
Resa Media, Alta
Resa Indoors: 30 - 90 gr/plant; Outdoors: up to 110 g/plant
Altezza della pianta 100 - 160 cm.
Crescita Cresce al chiuso, Cresce all'aperto, Serra
Max tempo di fioritura 10 settimane
Tempo di fioritura 65 - 70 days
Mese di raccolta from April to October
Disturbi Medici Anoressia, Dolore, Insonnia, Spasmo Muscolare
Proprietà Mediche yes
Gusto / Aroma Di frutta, Di terra
Effetto A lunga durata, Corpo, Fisico, Potente, Rilassante