Zamaldelica x Nepal Jam Feminised Seeds (Limited Edition) - 5

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Shorter and more manageable sativa-dominant hybrid with a very nice effect.
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Zamaldelica x Nepal Jam is a 70% sativa hybrid which is imbued with amazing genetics. A combination of genetic material from Reunion Island, Nepal, Thailand, Malawi and Jamaica with gorgeous terpenes, this strain is easy to grow, stays short for a sativa-dominant plant and has a relatively short flowering time.

With its short, compact structure and limited stretch during flowering this is one easy plant to manage indoors and one which is very resistant to mould infections. Flowering takes 9 weeks with yields average to high. Outdoors it can be grown up to 45° of latitude preferring moderate levels of hunidity in flowering as well as temperatures between 20 - 30°C. More extreme temperature swings and lower humidity results in poorer yields. It is a moderate feeder which will be ready to harvest in mid-October in northern latitudes.

Sweet scents of candy, caramel, honey and cream are accompanied by mango and jasmine notes. THC production reaches between 15 - 22% while CBD levels are below 0.5%. The high is a well-focused sativa hit with clean, energetic, euphoric, warm, positive and pleasant sensations.

More Information
Fabricant Ace Seeds
Génétique Zamaldelica élite (F1) x Nepal Jam (F6).
No. de Graines Par Paquet 5 Graines
Variété La plupart sativa
Type de floraison Photopériode
Variété Féminisée
Teneur en THC Haute (15-20%)
Teneur en THC 15% - 22%
Teneur en CBD 0.05%
Rendement Moyenne, Haute
Emplacement En plein air, Intérieur
Max le temps de floraison 9 semaines
Période de floraison 63 days
Date de récolte mid-October
Saveur / Goût Bonbon, Caramel, Crème, Jasmin, Mangue, Miel, Sucré
Effet Cerebral, Énergétique, Euphorique, Puissant