Supreme CBD Kush Feminised Seeds - 5

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9.5% THC : 9.5% CBD
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Supreme CBD Kush is another high-CBD strain that was bred using Nirvana Seeds' specially created The Supreme. Here it was crossed with a clone of a G13 x OG Kush. Many generations of selection later resulted in this 1:1 THC:CBD strain Supreme CBD Kush with each of these cannabinoids measured at 9.5%.

Physically this strain reflects its 70% sativa parentage although in terms of its effect it reflects its 30% indica genetics. The veg. duration should be kept fairly short as this is one stretchy plant making it an ideal candidate for SCROG grows. Its flowering period is quite long at 10 - 12 weeks with yields of up to 550 gr/m2 possible.

The flavour of Supreme CBD Kush is fruity and smooth-tasting and the effect is a relaxing body-stone. The high levels of CBD act as an antagonist to THC thus moderating any psycho-active effects. Therapeutically it can be used for pain management and muscle spasms. It also helps to reduce stomach cramps from PMS. This strain has also been shown to reduce both the intensity and frequency of spasms and tremors associated with Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

More Information
Fabricant Nirvana Seeds
Génétique (G13x OG Kush) x CBD (the Supreme)
No. de Graines Par Paquet 5 Graines
Variété La plupart sativa
Type de floraison Photopériode
Variété Féminisée
Teneur en THC Petite (5-10%)
Teneur en THC 9.5%
Teneur en CBD Haute (5% +)
Teneur en CBD 9.5%
Rendement Haute
Rendement 450-550 gr/m2
Hauteur de la plante 120-160 cm
Emplacement En plein air, Intérieur
Max le temps de floraison 12 semaines
Période de floraison 75-85 days
Maladies Douleur, Parkinson, Sclérose multiple, Spasme musculaire, SPM
Propriétés médicinales yes
Effet Relaxant, Soothing