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Revitalised version of an old favourite.
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POG+ is a revamped version of the old classic Pot of Gold strain. This new version has an improved taste along with higher yields from the increase in budding sites compared with the original Hindu Kush plant.

The original POG had a very good reputation amongst smokers and developed a loyal following. The breeders at Seedism had grown this strain many times in their previous role at the Cannabis College in Amsterdam. By crossing the original version with Skunk #1 they have created a marijuana strain that will finish flowering in 9 weeks with a yield of 600 gr/m2 under a 600 W light.

The aromas produced by POG+ include the sweet earthiness of the original with notes of lavender and hash. Thye effect is one of an all-encompassing body stone that provides complete relaxation for the body and a little "uplift" for the head.

More Information
Fabricant Seedism
Aussi Appelé Pot of Gold Plus
Génétique Hindu Kush x Skunk #1
No. de Graines Par Paquet 5 Graines
Variété La plupart indica
Type de floraison Photopériode
Variété Féminisée
Teneur en THC Inconnue
Teneur en CBD Inconnue
Rendement Haute
Rendement 600 gr/m<sup>2</sup>
Emplacement Intérieur
Max le temps de floraison 9 semaines
Période de floraison 63 days
Saveur / Goût Kush, Lavande, Sucré, Terreux
Effet Corps, Effet durable, Physique