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Jack Straw is a mostly sativa (80%) marijuana strain with many medicinal indications. Four main pheno-types exist varying from a tall and lanky Jack the Ripper-dominant one through to a Touch of Grey-dominant one which is short and stocky. Two main aroma types are also found; one a Sweet Haze and the other more Lemon Haze.

Medium to high yields can be obtained in 9 - 10 weeks flowering indoors. In moderate doses Jack Straw provides a relaxing, easy energy along with pain relief. It is also helpful for anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, nausea and the after effects of both chemo and radiation therapy for cancer sufferers.

More Information
Fabricant Homegrown Natural Wonders
Génétique Touch of Grey X Jack The Ripper
Variété La plupart sativa
Type de floraison Photopériode
Variété Régulière
Teneur en CBD Inconnue
Rendement Moyenne, Haute
Rendement Medium-High
Hauteur de la plante Medium-Tall
Emplacement En plein air, Intérieur
Max le temps de floraison 10 semaines
Période de floraison 63-70 days
Maladies Anxiété, Cancer, Dépression, Douleur, Nausée, TDA/TDAH
Propriétés médicinales yes
Saveur / Goût Citron, Sucré, Terreux
Effet Corps, Puissant, Relaxant