B.I.G. Auto Feminised Seeds

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Very resistant auto-flowering plants.
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B.I.G. Auto is the product of adding ruderalis genetics to the Critical strain. It's a highly resistant, indica-dominant, strain with a large yield of fat buds and smelling of Skunk.

Indoors it is recommended to provide plants with 18/20 hours of light per 24 hours for the best results, both in terms of potency and yield. in this environment plants will grow to a height of around 55 - 65 cm. producing 400 gr/m2 in a total grow time of 68 - 72 days. Outdoor-grown plants are taller, 60 - 90 cm, yielding 190 gr/plant. Its buds are very dense just like those of Critical itself. B.I.G. Auto displays tremendous resistance to mould, pests and plant diseases.

With a smell of Skunk and a taste that features sweet, earthy and citrus notes it gives a stimulating effect which is ultimately nicely relaxing. THC production is 12.5% with 0.5% CBD.

More Information
Fabricant Seedsman
Aussi Appelé Critical Auto
Génétique Critical x Ruderalis
Variété La plupart indica
Type de floraison Auto-floraison
Variété Féminisée
Teneur en THC Moyenne (10-15%)
Teneur en THC 12.5%
Teneur en CBD Petite (0-1%)
Teneur en CBD 0.5%
Rendement Moyenne, Haute
Rendement Indoors: 400 gr/m2; Outdoors: 190 gr/plant
Hauteur de la plante ndoors: 55 - 65 cm; Outdoors: 60 - 90 cm
Emplacement En plein air, Intérieur, Serre
Max le temps de floraison 10 semaines
Période de floraison 68 - 72 days
Saveur / Goût Agrume, Sucré, Terreux
Effet Relaxant, Stimulating