The Incredible Bulk Auto Feminised Seeds

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Fast and productive auto version of The Incredible Bulk
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Due to the instantaneous demand and proven success of Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk, everyone at Team Krippling knew this Auto variety had to be created. Bred to be an incredibly quick and heavy-weight performer, this autoflowering plant does not disappoint. It's all about the weight. And no wait. And no trouble. Almost impossible to hurt this plant . This plant mutates and adapts to its environment - one perfectly grown, big plant can produce up to the same yield of up to twenty plants of normal size. Monstrous size plants and flowers are to be expected, especially if they get frustratingly hot and angry in a greenhouse during the height of summer.
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Fabricante Dr Krippling Seeds
Tipo de floración Autofloreciente
Sexo Fenizada
Nivel THC Alto (15-20%)
Nivel THC 19%
Nivel CBD Desconocido
Rendimiento Alto
Rendimiento Indoors: 350-650 gr/m2, Outdoors: 25-100+ gr/plant
Altura de Planta Indoors: 80-110 cm, Outdoors: 120-150 cm
Localidad Exterior, Interior, Invernadero
Max Tiempo de Floración 9 semanas
Floración around 65 days