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Potent strain with intense effect
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Crossing an Original Haze with White Widow and the result is Orka, a very potent, mostly sativa strain. It produces high levels of THC and has an extremely potent effect.

Orka is most suited to indoor cultivation unless grown outdoors in a relatively warm climate due to its finishing time in mid-October. Indoors flowering takes 60 - 70 days with yields of 600 gr/m2. When given sufficient root space it can grow to be 300 cm, tall but smaller pots indoors will restrict this markedly.

THCis rated at 21% and this, coupled with very low CBD figures, gives an intensely soaring, sativa high with cerebral effects.

More Information
Fabricante BlimBurn Seeds
Genética Haze x White Widow
Variedad Sativa
Tipo de floración Fotoperíodo
Sexo Fenizada
Nivel THC Muy alto (20% +)
Nivel THC 21%
Nivel CBD Desconocido
Nivel CBD Unknown
Rendimiento Alto
Rendimiento Indoor: 600 g/plant
Altura de Planta 3m
Localidad Exterior, Interior, Invernadero
Max Tiempo de Floración 10 semanas
Floración 60 - 70 days
Periodo de cosecha mid October
Efecto Cerebral, Fuerte, Potente