O'Haze Red Feminised Seeds

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For lovers of fruity haze
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O'Haze Red from Reggae Seeds is a cross of Dancehall 24 and Jack the Ripper. Predominantly sativa it is a fruity Haze-type plant that displays delightful purple colouration towards the end of flowering and that special incense aroma that entices so as it burns.

Indoors flowering can take between 55 - 70 days with plants growing to a height of 180 - 250 cm. Outdoors it will be ready in the middle of October in northern latitudes. Yields are medium but the quality makes up for this. THC production is high at 15% - 20% with correspondingly high CBD at over 5%.

The taste of O'Haze Red has a reminder of hashish from the Himalayas such as Nepalese. The effect hits very fast and is cerebral in nature and long-lasting. It is very noticeable around the eyes. Due to its high CBD it is likely to be useful to counter the effects of a range of ailments.

More Information
Fabricante Reggae Seeds
Genética Dancehall#24 x Jack the Ripper
Variedad Mayormente Sativa
Tipo de floración Fotoperíodo
Sexo Fenizada
Nivel THC Alto (15-20%)
Nivel THC High
Nivel CBD High
Rendimiento Mediano
Rendimiento Medium
Altura de Planta 180-250 cm
Localidad Exterior, Interior, Invernadero
Max Tiempo de Floración 10 semanas
Floración 8-10 weeks
Periodo de cosecha 1-15 October
Propiedades Medicinales yes
Gusto / Sabor Neblina, Sabroso
Efecto Cerebral, De larga duración