Hubble Bubble Feminised Seeds

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Compact good all-rounder. Easy to grow
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Hubble Bubble is a very homogenous plant and perfect if you just want to grow from seeds. Her size remains short with little stretch which makes this an ideal strain for growing in small spaces, on a balcony, or for discreet outdoor plantations. She typically reaches between 80-90 cm, which is well under a meter (or 30-35"). The growth pattern tends towards a Christmas tree shape, so this could be a strain that can be easily trained. Although branchy the plants don’t take up a lot of space and can be planted in a sea of green style. Buds are quite dense and have a complex bouquet of sweetness with an exotic hint of spice (like Christmas cookies), or a touch of rosemary that reminds one of herbal candy.
More Information
Fabricante Mandala Seeds
Genética North India; Hindu Kush
Variedad Mayormente Indica
Tipo de floración Fotoperíodo
Sexo Fenizada
Nivel THC Alto (15-20%)
Nivel THC 15-18%
Nivel CBD Desconocido
Rendimiento Mediano, Alto
Rendimiento 350-450 gr/m2; 700-800 gr/plant
Altura de Planta up to 100 cm
Localidad Exterior, Interior, Invernadero
Max Tiempo de Floración 8 semanas, 9 semanas
Floración 62-65 days
Gusto / Sabor Dulce, Golosina, Picante / hierbas
Efecto Creativo, Relajante, Stimulating