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Amazingly vigorous, high-yielding and psychedelic plant.
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Honduras x Panama is a pure sativa hybrid strain which used the purple, high-yielding Colombian pheno-type of the Honduras together with Panama Goddess. This new Central American sativa shows incredible hybrid vigour (heterosis) with commensurate levels of production.

The Panama adds robustness as well as giving this resulting strain a shorter stretch making it more suitable for indoor cultivation than would otherwise be the case. Either SoG or SCRoG work very well, both in terms of controlling height and also to expose inner bud-sites to increased levels of light. The buds are rather elongated and continual new flower production means that yields can become enormous. Indoors flowering will last for 12 - 13 weeks and it is recommended to use an 11 hours on/13 hours off lighting regimen which will kick-start and maintain flowering which could be slowed down with 12 hours on.

Cultivation outdoors is possible up to 43° of latitude with tropical and sub-tropical climates producing the best results. In this environment its fir tree structure can develop a massive central cola with many worthwhile side-branches. Some specimens develop red and pink pistils similar to the old Panama Red or Colombian Punta Roja.

The scent of Honduras x Panama has sweet incense, vanilla and lemon from the Panama backed up by denser, fuel-like scents with violet notes. THC content is between 14 - 18% with no CBD at all (0%!). The effect is initially clear, euphoric and energetic evolving into a more creative, dreamy and psychedelic state.

More Information
Fabricante Ace Seeds
Genética Honduras (purple, high-yielding Colombian phenotype) x Panama Goddess elite (F10)
Variedad Sativa
Tipo de floración Fotoperíodo
Sexo Regular
Nivel THC Alto (15-20%)
Nivel THC 14 - 18%
Nivel CBD Bajo (0-1%)
Nivel CBD Zero (0%)
Rendimiento Alto
Localidad Exterior, Interior
Max Tiempo de Floración 13 semanas
Floración 84 - 91 weeks
Periodo de cosecha 1st. half of November
Gusto / Sabor Combustible, Dulce, Florido, Incense, Leñoso, Limón, Vainilla
Efecto Creativo, Energético, Eufórico, Fuerte, Psicodélico