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Big yields possible from this therapeutic strain.
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Harliqueen is a 70% sativa hybrid cannabis strain bred by crossing Harlequin with Space Queen. This is potentially a very high-yielding plant with claimed therapeutic benefits.

The mother plant was the famous Harlequin, a high-CBD strain. Space Queen was used to pollinate it with the aim of improving Harlequin's terpene profile and resin production still further. It can be grown successfully indoors or outdoors, the only proviso being that indoor plants require a longer period of vegetative growth than is the case with many marijuana strains. It grows into a tall plant with good density and conical-shaped buds. Flowering takes between 56 - 60 days and yields are medium to very high depending on both conditions and grower skill.

Harliqueen has the taste of cherry cough drops with pomegranate and cranberry notes while the smoke is very thick and "oily". Therapeutically it is said to be good for all types of nerve pain and for quietening restless leg syndrome.

More Information
Fabricante Subcool Seeds
Genética Harlequin x Space Queen
Variedad Mayormente Sativa
Tipo de floración Fotoperíodo
Sexo Regular
Nivel THC Desconocido
Nivel CBD Desconocido
Rendimiento Mediano, Alto
Localidad Exterior, Interior
Max Tiempo de Floración 9 semanas
Floración 56 - 60 days
Condiciones médicas Dolor
Propiedades Medicinales Yes, neuropathic pain & restless leg syndrome.
Gusto / Sabor Cereza, Cranberry, Pomegranate