Durand's Herald Kush Feminised Seeds (Limited Edition)

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Pure indica hybrid with a narcotic effect.
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Durand's Herald Kush is a 100% indica hybrid that was bred by crossing two of Tropical Seeds most tried and trusted indicas, viz. Old SAfghan NLD short cut and the Pakistani Purple Chitral Kush from 2006. Extremely potent physically sedative effect.

This plant grows in a columnar structure which makes it absolutely perfect for SoG systems where yields of big fat buds are maximised. It takes around 8 weeks to flower and displays fantastic resistance to mould in damper conditions, plant pests and cold weather, the latter making it a possibility for outdoor grows in higher latitudes. Yields are between average to high depending on individual grower skill and local conditions.

The scent of Durand's Herald Kush is similar to that of old school black hashish and its effect is powerfully narcotic and sedative in nature. This has clear implications for those seeking pain relief or a good night's sleep.

More Information
Fabricante Tropical Seeds
Genética Old Afghan NLD (short cut) x Pakistan Chitral Kush 2006 cut
Variedad Indica
Tipo de floración Fotoperíodo
Sexo Fenizada
Nivel THC Desconocido
Nivel CBD Desconocido
Rendimiento Mediano, Alto
Localidad Exterior, Interior
Max Tiempo de Floración 8 semanas
Floración 56 days
Condiciones médicas Insomnio
Propiedades Medicinales Yes
Gusto / Sabor Kush
Efecto Cuerpo, Relajante, Sedante, Soñoliento, Tirado en el sofá