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Critical + Automatic is the result of crossing a Critical + plant with Dinafem's Roadrunner automatic strain. Depending on the region of cultivation it is possible to harvest multiple outdoor crops a year with this strain.

Critical + Auto is a small- medium-sized plant that falls within the range 40 - 95 cm. in height. It is so simple to cultivate that even first-timers with no gardening experience whatsoever will be able to harvest dense buds covered in resin. It is a great choice for small spaces whether you are going to grow indoors or outdoors. Dinafem recommend adding one third by volume of coco coir to the potting soil in order to increase the available oxygen for the roots and thus aid the plants' metabolism.

Indoor growers should harvest 25 - 100 gr/plant in a total life-cycle of 65 - 70 days from germination. Outdoors the rewards are even greater with yields of 70 - 200 gr/plant not unusual. The aroma and flavour are very marked exhibiting lemon, wood and spices on nose and palate. THC is between 9% - 13% and gives rise to a very relaxing, long-lasting high that takes a more physical form than its standard photo-period relative thanks to a higher output of CBD.

More Information
Fabricante Dinafem Seeds
Genética Dinafem Critical+ x Dinafem Roadrunner
Tipo de floración Autofloreciente
Sexo Fenizada
Nivel THC Mediano (10-15%)
Nivel THC 9% - 13%
Nivel CBD Mediano (1-5%)
Nivel CBD Medium
Rendimiento Bajo, Mediano
Rendimiento Indoors: 25 - 100 gr/plant; Outdoors: 70 - 200 gr/plant
Altura de Planta up to 90cm indoors
Localidad Exterior, Interior, Invernadero
Max Tiempo de Floración 10 semanas
Floración 65 - 70 days from germination
Gusto / Sabor Leñoso, Limón, Picante / hierbas
Efecto Cuerpo, De larga duración, Relajante