Bruce Banner Auto Feminised Seeds

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Potent, uplifting, functional and high-yielding sativa-dominant auto strain.
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Bruce Banner Auto is the auto-flowering version of the famous Bruce Banner strain. It is Sativa-dominant, high-yielding, and a veritable resin-producing factory, superb for making hash and extracts. 


How Bruce Banner Auto Grows 

Taller than the average auto, its height range is between 110 - 150 cm; Bruce Banner Auto has large shade leaves that sport thin fingers and several strong side-branches covered in bud sites at maturity. Its grow-cycle takes 10 - 11 weeks from germination to harvest; indoor yields are 450 - 600 gr/m2, while outdoors, each plant produces between 50 - 200 gr. Buds are a light green shade, but the swollen calyxes appear entirely white at the end of flowering due to the enormous quantity of resin they generate, ideal for makers of extracts and concentrates. 


Bruce Banner Taste, Smell, and Effect

Taste notes of sweet berries and diesel fuel give a clue to its Bruce Banner provenance. THC content reaches 25% with less than 1% CBD, while the effect is powerfully uplifting, easing away stresses and worries yet highly functional and motivating. It is even recommended to help with pain management issues.

More Information
Fabricante FastBuds
Genética Bruce banner Auto
Variedad Indica / Sativa
Tipo de floración Autofloreciente
Sexo Fenizada
Nivel THC Muy alto (20% +)
Nivel THC 25%
Nivel CBD Bajo (0-1%)
Nivel CBD <1%
Rendimiento Alto
Rendimiento Indoors: 450 - 600 gr/m2; Outdoors: 50 - 200 gr/plant
Altura de Planta 110 - 150 cm
Localidad Exterior, Interior
Max Tiempo de Floración 11 semanas
Floración 70 - 77 days from seed
Condiciones médicas Dolor
Propiedades Medicinales Yes
Gusto / Sabor Baya, Diesel, Dulce
Efecto Animado, Creativo, Motivar, Potente, Stimulating