Blue Pyramid Feminised Seeds

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Blueberry based indica dominant hybrid strain.
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Blue Pyramid results from a long breeding and selection process based on the well-known and much-loved Blueberry strain. Blue Pyramid is an 80% indica cannabis strain with high yields and therapeutic potential.

Blue Pyramid has an indica structure, compact and bushy and growing to a height of 60 - 180 cm. depending on environment, root-space and length of vegetative growth. Indoor plants will produce very good yields of 600 gr/m2 in 50 - 55 days of flowering under 600 watt lights. Outdoors harvest time will be during September with plants yielding between 500 - 1000 gr. each. The blue colouration will be much more evident when night temperatures are low close to the end of flowering.

The flavour of Blue Pyramid is of sweet berries and exotic fruits and is very smooth. THC production is 15% with CBD at 1.4%. Its effect is very relaxing and uplifting making it a good strain to employ to alleviate symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety.

More Information
Fabricante Pyramid Seeds
Genética Blueberry x Unknown
Variedad Mayormente Indica
Tipo de floración Fotoperíodo
Sexo Fenizada
Nivel THC Alto (15-20%)
Nivel THC 15%
Nivel CBD Mediano (1-5%)
Nivel CBD 1.4%
Rendimiento Alto
Rendimiento 600 gr/m2 indoors; 500 - 1000 gr per plant outdoors
Altura de Planta 60cm - 180cm
Localidad Exterior, Interior
Max Tiempo de Floración 8 semanas
Floración 50 - 55 days
Periodo de cosecha September
Condiciones médicas Ansiedad, Depresión, Estrés
Propiedades Medicinales Yes
Gusto / Sabor Arándano, Baya, Dulce, Sabroso, Tropical
Efecto Animado, Cuerpo, Relajante