The laws on cannabis cultivation vary from country to country and in the US from state to state. Whilst laws are still progressing and often are not fully clear, we recommend that all our customers check their local laws before germinating any of the products we sell.



We Grow Cannabis: A free e-book From Jorge Cervantes

The Latest Knowledge From The Award-Winning Cannabis Cultivation Author & Advocate

Co-authored by Seedsman's Dr. Gary Yates

Before you could simply go online and read blogs or watch videos on how to cultivate cannabis, you had to rely on books. Widely accepted as the greatest of these books is Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Grower’s Bible by Jorge Cervantes. This single source of knowledge has inspired millions of growers worldwide to discover the magic of cannabis.

Jorge has been a guiding light for the cultivation community for 40 years. In celebration of his legacy, we're offering a new e-book from Jorge called We Grow Cannabis absolutely free. It's a comprehensive guide to growing cannabis, co-authored by Dr Gary Yates - Chief Scientific Officer at Seedsman.

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Across this e-book, you’ll find:

Cannabis botany

An introduction to botanical classification, as well as classifications of trichomes, terpenes, cannabinoid profiles, strain classifications and more.

Cannabis lifecycles

The connection between energy and cannabis, how germination works and the growth of seedlings. Jorge also details different veg and flowering cycles and how seeds are first produced.

Cannabis seeds & seedlings

Learn how to select your seeds, a simple 3-step germination process, and a transplant guide.

Plan your garden

Jorge talks you through how to arrange your indoor, outdoor or greenhouse garden for optimal growth.

Grow room setup

Or, if you’re cultivating indoors, there's a step-by-step process on creating, maintaining and optimising your grow room.

Diseases, pests & problems

A comprehensive breakdown on the cause, cure and preventions you can make to protect your harvest.

Harvest, manicuring, drying, curing & storage

All you need to know on the final and most crucial step in cultivation.

The 12 week garden

Jorge’s with you every step of the way, with expert tips for the entire lifecycle.

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