White Chem Auto Feminised Seeds

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Generous yields from this indica/sativa auto with a physically relaxing effect.
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White Chem Auto is a cross of Mephisto Genetics' own Walter White and Chemdogging. It is a medium to large 50/50 indica/sativa plant which grows into a Christmas tree shape when left to do its own thing. Good yields are possible indoors, outdoors and in a greenhouse.

Attaining a height of between 80 - 120 cm. tall White Chem takes 70 - 80 days to be ready for harvest with each plant capable of producing 120 - 210 gr. It is a very good idea to trim interior/lower secondary branches and leaves as they will block out too much light and also restrict air circulation. This will help the lower branches to fill out the relatively short inter-nodal spacing forming long colas in the process. This plant responds well to training although it is not essential to do this as yields can still be high. Odour control is a must as it gets very smelly.

The flavour and perfume is dank and funky with a distinct lemon quality too. It has a potent effect which starts out quite active and energetic but this phase mellows out to become something altogether more relaxing and physically heavy. Therapeutically it is recommended to relieve aches and pains.

More Information
Hersteller Mephisto Genetics
Genetik Walter White x Chemdogging
Sorte Indica / Sativa
Blütentyp Selbstblühenden
Gattung Feminisierter
THC-Gehalt Unbekannt
CBD-Gehalt Unbekannt
Ertrag Hoch
Ertrag 120 - 210 gr/plant
Wachstumshöhe 80 - 120 cm.
Standort Drinnen, Glashaus
Max Blütezeit 11 Wochen
Blütezeit 70 - 80 days
Krankhafte Zustände Schmerzen
Medizinalische Eigenschaften Yes
Geschmack Zitrone
Wirkung Entspannend, Körperlich, Stark