Diet Durban THCV 1:1 Feminised Seeds

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Highly-stimulating, cerebral, sativa-dominant strain that is high in both THCV and THC.
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Diet Durban THCV:THC 1:1 is an example of a new trend for novel cannabinoid strains that emphasise the production of some lesser-known cannabinoids. In this case THCV is the cannabinoid in question and one that is produced in higher amounts in equatorial sativa strains. Diet Durban THCV:THC 1:1produces equal amounts of both THCV and THC with approximately 7% of each of these two cannabinoids. It was bred by crossing a traditional landrace Thai strain with Caprichosa Thai, resulting in shorter plants with a faster flowering time. An 80% sativa strain.

Diet Durban THCV 1:1 produces approximately 80% purely female plants when grown indoors. Testing has shown that in this environment up to 20% of plants can show male traits in the early stages of flowering and that this is more likely to be the case when water and/or light stress has occurred. Conversely, testing carried out with outdoor-cultivation has revealed that these male traits are rather less likely to be manifest.

Although Diet Durban THCV:THC1:1 performs extremely well outdoors its later harvest time towards the end of October means that growers will need to be sure that the autumn weather will remain fine and sunny until then if the crop is not to be ruined unless a greenhouse is used thereby extending the range of cultivability. Indoor growers will be able to harvest after 9 - 10 weeks of flowering. Yields are very high.

The scent and taste are floral and spicy with pine and aniseed as well as some citrus notes. The THCV:THC ratio is 1:1 with a total of approximately 14% of those two cannabinoids combined along with around 2% CBD. Together they produce a highly lucid, stimulating, cerebral effect that also acts as an appetite-suppressant due to its promotion of feelings of satiety.

Mehr Informationen
Hersteller Seedman
Genetik Thai Landrace x Caprichosa Thai
Sortieren Sativa
Blütentyp Photoperiode
Gattung Feminised
THC-Gehalt Mittel (10-15%)
THC-Gehalt Approx. 14% total THC+THCV (1:1)
CBD-Gehalt Mittel (1-5%)
CBD-Gehalt Approx. 2%
Ertrag Hoch
Standort Gewächshaus, drinnen, draußen
Max Blütezeit 10 wochen
Blütezeit 63 - 70 tage
Erntezeitpunkt Ende Oktober
Medizinalische Eigenschaften Yes, weight loss aid.
Geschmack Aniseed, Citrus, Floral, Pine, Spicy / Herbal
Wirkung Cerebral, Lucid, Stimulating