Psycho Crack Feminised Seeds

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A cross of UK and US genetics produced this flavorable Sativa dominant strain
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Psycho Crack brings together clone-only marijuana strains from either side of the Atlantic. Exodus Psychosis from the UK meets up and boogies with the US Green Crack cut. This cannabis combination forms a true synergy exhibiting the best of both worlds.

Psycho Crack increases the aromatic dankness of each strain and purple colouration with cooler nights is even more likely. The Green Crack influence can be seen by its tighter inter-nodal development and in stronger branches all the better to support ripening buds. The strong odour of Psychosis even during early veg. comes through as rubbing stems produces a strong Skunk-y smell that lingers on the fingers. Get those air filters serviced!

At 70% sativa growers could expect a flowering period longer than the 55 - 65 days that is the norm here. It grows well indoors and outdoors too (mid-October harvests) with plants reaching a maximum height of 160 cm. Indoors yields are a very good 500 gr/m2 with THC production around 19.1% and with low CBD. On the palate a mixture of cheese and fruits combine to produce an epicurean delight with a long-lasting finish whose aroma can also stick to clothing and being a bit of a give-away. Be careful out there guys!.

The effect is very intense and not typically sativa. Not recommended for casual day-time inhalation. In terms of thera[eutic usage it is recommended for pain relief, insomnia and migraines.

More Information
Hersteller SickMeds Seeds
Genetik Psychosis x Green Crack
Sorte Zum größten Teil Sativa
Blütentyp Photoperiode
Gattung Feminisierter
THC-Gehalt Hoch (15-20%)
THC-Gehalt 19.1%
CBD-Gehalt 0.1%
Ertrag Hoch
Ertrag 500 gr/m2
Wachstumshöhe 100-160 cm
Standort Drinnen, Glashaus, Im Freien
Max Blütezeit 9 Wochen
Blütezeit 8 - 9 weeks
Erntezeitpunkt October
Krankhafte Zustände Migräne, Schlaflosigkeit, Schmerzen
Medizinalische Eigenschaften Pain relief, insomnia & migraines
Geschmack Erdig, Fruchtig, Skunk, Süß
Preise Spannabis 2013 Best Indoor, Cannabis Cup Valle de Ahijadero 2012 3rd place Best Indoor