Psicodelicia Feminised Seeds

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Genetics of the best American and Nepali strains
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Psicodelicia is a 70% sativa strain that results from a cross between a clone from the United States and a Nepalese strain which has a spicy aroma of roasting coffee beans. It has a stimulating sativa high yet produces good yields in a short flowering period.

Psicodelicia can be grown in all environments and due to its short flowering time of 8 - 9 weeks. This makes cultivation possible outdoors in somewhat more temperate climates as the anticipated harvest date in northern latitudes is late September to early October. It will still be a bit of a gamble regarding countries such as The Netherlands although latitudes such as central France should be fine. Indoors yields are expected to be between 400 - 600 gr/m2 while plants cultivated outdoors should come in at somewhere between 450 - 700 gr. each.

The aroma is sweetly intense with citrus and spiced coffee notes from the Nepalese side. The perfume never becomes too heavy, remaining quite a delicate scent. It produces high levels of THC, between 15 - 20%, with low amounts of CBD giving an effect that is typically sativa with a mentally stimulating, energetic high that is quite creative. This effect plus the good yields in a shortened flowering time make this a great strain for the 'cannasseur'.

More Information
Hersteller Sweet Seeds
Genetik USA x Nepal strains
Sorte Zum größten Teil Sativa
Blütentyp Photoperiode
Gattung Feminisierter
THC-Gehalt Hoch (15-20%)
THC-Gehalt High
CBD-Gehalt Gering (0-1%)
CBD-Gehalt Low
Ertrag Durchschnittlich, Hoch
Ertrag Indoor: 400 - 600 gr/m2; Outdoor: 450 - 700 gr/plant
Standort Drinnen, Im Freien
Max Blütezeit 9 Wochen
Blütezeit 8 - 9 weeks
Erntezeitpunkt End of September, begining of October
Geschmack Kaffee, Süß, Würzig/Kräutrig
Wirkung Energisch, Kreativ, Stimulating
Preise 3º Award – Indoor – I Copa Litoral de los Poetas – Chile – 2016;