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High-CBD strain with great yields too.
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Critical Sour Diesel CBD was bred to satisfy the demand for high CBD strains in the medical marijuana market. It is a high-yielding, medium-sized plant that was bred by adding Emerald Triangle's CBD Sativa to the Critical Bilbo x Sour Diesel cross to produce a 60% sativa strain.

Critical Sour Diesel CBD, just like its low-CBD sister plant, is a strain that is easy to grow requiring no special knowledge or skills. Outdoors it will be harvested in the second half of September; indoor growers will find that the high-CBD version takes a little longer at around 50 - 60 days. Yields under lights are high and growers can expect something in the region of 500 gr/m2. Its buds grow very large and dense and it should be noted that they will require staking or some other form of support to mitigate against snapping branches. Again, mould resistance is very good so damp conditions need not be as serious a problem as it would be with some other strains of cannabis.

The addition of the Sativa CBD genetics give some pine notes to the sour diesel flavour. CBD and THC are produced in the ratio of 1:1 with levels being around the 10% mark making this an excellent medical marijuana variety.

More Information
Hersteller Emerald Triangle
Genetik Critical Bilbo x Sour Diesel X CBD Sativa
Sorte Zum größten Teil Sativa
Blütentyp Photoperiode
Gattung Regelmäßigen
THC-Gehalt Gering (5-10%)
THC-Gehalt 10%
CBD-Gehalt 10%
Ertrag Hoch
Ertrag 500 gr/m2;
Standort Drinnen, Glashaus, Im Freien
Max Blütezeit 9 Wochen
Blütezeit 50 - 60 days
Erntezeitpunkt latter half September
Medizinalische Eigenschaften Yes
Geschmack Diesel, Kiefer, Treibstoff