Bona Dea CBD+ Feminised Seeds

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Vigorous medicinal variety. THC 9% - CBD 8%
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Bona Dea (“The Good Goddess”) was a divinity in ancient Roman religion. She was associated with chastity and fertility in women, healing, and the protection of the people. A very suitable name for Vision Seeds’ first CBD plus strain. Bona Dea is a beautiful blend of the world’s finest indica genetics optimized to produce high levels of CBD. She is a resilient, resinous, crystal-coated, reasonably fast flowering hybrid with a spicy taste and smell. Bona Dea CBD+ produces a light psycho-active effect with a strong physical effect. She relaxes muscles, relieves pain and helps in the fight against insomnia. Vision Seeds CBD+ strains are especially developed for medicinal use. These strains allow people to experience the benefits of medical marijhuana without having to deal with strong psychoactive effects.The fine tuned balance between the two main cannabinoids THC and CBD in these strains provide optimal benefits while limiting possibly unwanted psychoactive effects..
More Information
Hersteller Vision Seeds
Genetik Northern Lights, Black Domina, Afghani
Sorte Zum größten Teil Indica
Blütentyp Photoperiode
Gattung Feminisierter
THC-Gehalt Gering (5-10%)
THC-Gehalt 9%
CBD-Gehalt Hoch (5% +)
CBD-Gehalt 8%
Ertrag Durchschnittlich
Ertrag 300 gr/m2
Wachstumshöhe 70-80 cm
Standort Drinnen, Glashaus, Im Freien
Max Blütezeit 8 Wochen
Blütezeit 8 weeks
Erntezeitpunkt October
Krankhafte Zustände Muskelspasmen, Schlaflosigkeit, Schmerzen
Medizinalische Eigenschaften She relaxes muscles, relieves pain and helps in the fight against insomnia.
Geschmack Würzig/Kräutrig
Wirkung Körper, Kraftvoll