Stromboli Auto Feminised Seeds

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Squat, high-yielding and potent plants that are easy to cultivate.
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Stromboli Auto is a 60% sativa strain that promises great yields of very high THC buds. It was bred from assorted Afghani landraces crossed with a sativa-dominant GG#4 with added ruderalis genetics to provide the auto-flowering qualities. This is an easy to grow strain with therapeutic uses that is highly potent and boasting complex flavours.

Stromboli Auto plants are short and broad, rarely growing taller than 100 cm, perhaps a little taller outdoors. There is little in the way of stretch and the indica side is reflected in the broad, dark green leaves and chunky buds that should be monitored for signs of mould in late flowering such is their density. Different plants can display more indica or sativa character depending on the exact phenotype. The buds become covered in white resin with the tips of its orange pistils just visible.

The life-cycle of Stromboli Auto is around 75 days from germination through to harvest with indoor grows able to yield as much as 550 gr/m2. Outdoors, each plant can produce as much as 150 gr. The range of cultivability is between 50° north and south. Growers nearer to the equator will be able to raise as many as 4 crops per year with higher latitude growers still able to harvest 2 crops per season, especially if the first is started off indoors and the second germinated before the first crop is harvested.

In the grow room scents of pine and fruit dominate the nostrils while dried buds produce flavours of pine, spice and a fresh grassiness. The finish reveals notes of sweet and tart passion fruit. THC production is very high at 20 - 24%. The effect produces a surge of cerebral sativa energy and sensations of deep relaxation. Not recommended for novice consumers. Therapeutically useful for anxiety and stress as well as having pain relief potential.

Více informací
Manufacturer Rajská semínka
Genetika (Afghani landraces x GG#4) x Ruderalis
Odrůda Sativa
Další funkce Great For Beginners, Dense Buds
Kvetoucí typ Samokvetoucí
Sex Feminised
Obsah THC Velmi vysoká (přes 20 %)
Obsah THC 20 - 24%
Obsah CBD Neznámý
Výtěžek Středně vysoký
Výtěžek Indoors: up to 550 gr/m2; Outdoors: up to 150 gr/plant
Výška rostliny 100 – 110 cm.
Roste Uvnitř, venku
Maximální doba květu 11 týdnů
Doba květu 70 – 75 dnů od počáteční fáze
Chuť / příchuť Fruity, Passion Fruit, Pine
Účinek Body, Cerebral, Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing