Seedsman is dedicated to cultivating the spirit of cannabis globally.   


From sourcing and harvesting seeds to exploring the possibilities of this amazing plant - we believe that cannabis can make the world a better place. A remedy to relieve anxiety or pain, a soothing balm for the soul, or just a mindful practice that roots us in nature.  

As the ultimate cannabis enthusiasts, the humble seed is our beating heart. It inspires our journey of discovery as we look to build on our expansive knowledge, unearth new strains and cultivate our vast library of seeds.   

But it goes beyond growing our knowledge; the real pleasure comes from sharing with others and, in doing so, inspiring a diverse community. From identifying strains to legislation and taxonomies, we provide the tools to navigate this incredible natural world. Seeds to collect, tools to use, things to wear. Cannabis lifts the spirit and encourages life in all its richness and diversity.   

Join our growing community of collectors and discover a world of potential.