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SCROG is a term used for the “Screen of Green”, also known as Scrogging. The purpose behind Scrogging is to manually change the plant’s natural growth patterns by putting all the buds on an even layer. This is accomplished by bringing the low stuff up and bringing the main cola down by stopping it via topping to the canopy.

SCROG is a growing technique that can be used to force the plant to grow horizontally. This way, plants can multiply the leaves that can absorb light and optimally in a small grow room. Scrogging is a frequently used growing technique. Anyone can set it up by placing a rack or net with meshes above your plants. As a result, they grow through the grid, and the plants can grow horizontally.

Goals to use SCROG

One of the most important goals of this technique is the development of a proportional foliage/ canopy. As a result, the light is distributed more evenly over the leaves of the plants which prevent parts of a plant from becoming shaded and unable to absorb light. Scrogging is also an exciting option to grow plants indoors in relatively low space, just like greenhouses. Because the trunk and branches are forced to grow horizontally, SCROG can correctly use a growing spot with little height.

Equipment for SCROG

SCROG nets and racks are readily available in specialised stores. They are also easy to make. Place the fillet just above the plants to make the setup. The height depends on the type of plant to grow. This can vary from 20 centimetres to 50 centimetres above the pot. It is important to top the plants in time so that they develop more lateral tops. How often to trim the plant depends on the number of plants that are planted per square meter.

Setting up for SCROG

The intention for SCROG setup is to divide the side branches as much as possible over the Scrogging-net. The branches are pushed under the net as if they are growing horizontally. Since the plant naturally wants to grow towards the light; that is vertical, the stems or branches have to be bend. Rest assured, the plant will recover after bending. Do not force the plants towards the flowering phase until the Scrogging-net is well filled. Keep in mind that they will continue to grow in the first few weeks.


  • Remove fruit formation which is under the foliage.
  • Remove leaves that do not get the light to prevent drying of attached leaves.
  • Provide adequate ventilation around the plant.
  • Make sure equal distribution of growth throughout the net.
  • Push the large branches out as far as possible and the small branches to the centre of the net.
  • SCROG needs water and light just as standard planting setups.
  • Read the instructions carefully on seeds pack to prevent over warming.

SCROG is profoundly different planting technique and very specific with fantastic results. With Scrogging, what matters is what comes out in the flowering stage.

Check out our blog post that goes into more detail about what SCROG is.

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