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Mould Resistant

Growing cannabis in humid climates is a challenge without good mould resistant strains. Many cannabis growers feel it impossible to produce buds worth any value in wet weather. They will be pulling plants well before they are finished flowering, and justify doing so by the bad weather. Early harvesting will produce shrunken yields and undeveloped buds that are difficult to market.

Fortunately, there are cannabis varieties adapted to wet conditions, and can even thrive in them. Several types of marijuana have been bred in such humid and rainy environments for generations. Through this, the plants have built up a natural resistance to the climate, to make it through their flowering process long enough to mature seed. Some great resilient weed strains can fully finish flowering in rough conditions for outdoors and in the pouring rain.

Landrace Strains

A landrace is a cannabis strain bred naturally by seed in an area exclusively for many generations that have not been crossed with another variety. Inbred, this cannabis genetics has learned how to adapt to the local environment, and prove to be stable, relatively uniform for seed breeding.

Landrace plants produced from seed are themed closely similar to each other and are ideal for breeding programs often producing stable, vigorous and resilient hybrids when crossed.

What you want to look for in a mould resistant, a hardy strain is a genetic background from a wet climate. Parts of South Asia, South America, Central America, even certain parts of Africa all have wet climates where marijuana has been breeding for many subsequent generations.

Landraces originating from the wet areas of the world have often possessed the traits that hold resilient qualities. Mould resistance, vigour, hardiness, resistance to common pests and diseases, and genetic stability are to be found in this treasured genetics.

Some excellent high yield cultivations included Panama Red, Vietnam Black, Afghan Kush, Moroccan Hash Plant, Durban Poison, Brazil Amazonia, Colombian Gold and Thai Sativa

Hybrid Strains

The offspring of two marijuana plants with different genetics is called a hybrid. Although plant genetics are not immediately stable breeding once a strain is hybridised, still hybrid strains can have many advantages to the grower.

A hybrid can have the bud qualities of an Indica while taking the more prominent stature of a sativa. Often hybrids have what is called “hybrid vigour” and out-perform both of their growth speed and yield while shortening the flowering time.

Hybrids make up most of the genetic stock of cannabis nowadays. Nearly all favourite modern strains are hybrid. For best defence against wet, humid climates, productive strains are bred from mould resistant or rainy climate landrace strains.

Well-bred hybrids made from landraces or hardy strains most often perform better outdoors than the over-hybridised alternatives. Some of the best examples include Orient Express, Super Silver Haze, Strawberry Cough, Power Plant, Blue Dream, OG Kush, Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, Trainwreck and White Widow.

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