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Rated 4.9/5 by 8 reviews.

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THC Bomb Auto is the all female autoflowering version of Bomb Seeds world renowned signature strain THC Bomb. Celebrated as the ultimate all rounder (super high THC, massive yields and explosive growth) THC Bomb has been carefully crossed with their very own Auto Bomb to produce one of the most powerful and high yielding autoflowering strains available.Maintaining the most desirable characteristics from its mother, THC Bomb Auto is a fast finishing white strain offering significantly bigger yields than rival autoflowering varieties. Ideal for SOG and SCROG setups, the plant grows between 60 -120cm, and finishes flowering in only 65 days from seed indoors. Thanks to its branchy nature and multiple bud sites the plant packs on some serious size later in flowering. The nugs become dense and hard and produce remarkable amounts of resin. Growers can yield up to 450g/m², making it a viable option for commercial and domestic growers.THC Bomb Auto is a classic in the making; a fast finishing, super potent, autoflowering white strain.


Breeder Bomb Seeds
Variety Indica / Sativa
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Sex Feminised
THC Content 18-22%
Yield 450-550 gr/m²
Plant Height 60 -120 cm
Grows Indoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time 65 days from seed
Harvest Month May-October
Effect Powerful

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Customer Reviews (8)

!!! | Review by Mark / (Posted on 26/04/2018)
Organicly growing this strain was an absolute treat, Didn't get huge, but very densely structured nugs PACKED with trichs, and she smells beautiful, i grew another with cyco and it looks nice but it really doesn't compare with the organic, which is common, usually less yield but nicer buds at the cost of organic but really this time, holy shit i'm telling you grow one of these organically you won't regret it.
Highest Quality | Review by Scott / (Posted on 24/04/2018)
No one would/could be disappointed with the high quality of this outstanding strain.
Awesome ,Strong and Healthy | Review by KIDCROP / (Posted on 05/04/2018)
All seeds are going on 4 weeks old looking awesome ,Strong ,and Healthy , 5 in total with 2 LSD 25 (hydro....water bath) The shipping was a little long but the little guys have to cross the ocean ...Thanks Seedsman for a quality product that even the small guys (Growers) can count on...Will order again
Nice yields and Potency | Review by Craig / (Posted on 17/08/2017)
Nice and different large buds and big yield. Letting cure for three months but at week 4 it's hitting hard.
heavy yielder | Review by growmcnoob / (Posted on 12/08/2017)
What this strain thrives on is yield if you ask me. This was my highest yielder auto which resulted in 120gr dried high quality and good looking buds. I used scrog in my as suggested and i think i affected the results greatly. This strain is really strong as for his genetics. You can top it, break it, trim it and it won't stop growing! Just be careful with temps. This plant reacts very poorly to high temps so better watch out to that.
DRIPPING | Review by Aylius / (Posted on 18/08/2016)
I was around just after a friend had harvest the plant and this thing was literally dripping sap. Absolutely amazing looking buds and taste was right on point for me.
All in all the seeds doubled in price since I got them but I still see it as being worth it | Review by Simpleken123 / (Posted on 09/06/2016)
On my 3rd grow with these seeds. These plants require a little more nutrients then your average Auto. I've never seen a plant cannibalize itself as fast. Just on a basic CFL grow I got 1 3/4 Oz avg per plant. This is some of the best smoke you will find in your neighborhood. THC Auto bomb delivers for me exactly what I want. An extremely potent head high that was uplifting. I will say when you come down it will make you crash. In total I would give this smoke 7.5 out of 10 and as far as the grow I would give it 7.5 out of 10.. my scale is very pickie so keep in mind that my 7.5 is really good, I've never smoked a 10 yet.
Amazing indica dominate hybrid that gives you energy before it knocks you down! | Review by Kristi / (Posted on 24/10/2015)
THC Bomb is the perfect name for this strain. At first I didn't get it, this being an indica dominate hybrid, but after thinking about it I understand! The grow went pretty well, all 3 plants. These plants are a little particular. Watch the leaves closely when adding nutrients and water. Don't forget to flush! My 3 plants could hardly wait for their scheduled flushing. The scent of the plant wasn't anything too strong. It was a mix of earthy, almost fruity and a touch of pine. During the curing process I swear on the occasion I smelled cheese. :) I didn't smoke this strain; however, I did turn it into a hash oil and consumed large quantities. Immediately after consuming it, my eyes turn lightly red and I begin to have this amazing buzz of energy with clear positive creative thoughts for about 3 hours. When I come down off the high, I fall asleep and can't wake up easily!! The buzz of energy is like the launching of the bomb and then coming down off the high is the bomb!

THC Bomb
Bomb Seeds
18%-22% THC

hybrid: 75% indica 25% sativa

happy, relaxed yet energized, creative, meditative and leaves you with the munchies

stress, insomnia, pain, depression, anxiety, bi-polar, ADD/ADHD, migraines, arthritis

seed cost: $10.93
yield: .39 ounce

used: 600 watt MH 20 hours light, 5 gallon bucket, cocoir mixed with soil, fox farm, LST
comments: left to be baby sat, multiple nutrient problems fixed with flush and nutrients
buds: medium density, medium to heavy coverage of resin
smell: fruity, earthy and a touch of pine
days: 66 days

About Bomb Seeds

View all Bomb Seeds products

If you are looking for the perfect combination of strength, power, quality and yield, then you cannot go too far wrong with Bomb Seeds. Their genetics are growing in popularity in Europe at a rapid rate and they are fast becoming one of the most reputable breeders in the Netherlands.

The Bomb Seeds range includes something for everyone interested in seed cultivation; indicas, sativas, medical varieties, autoflowering varieties, classic strains and more.

Their selection process combines the best traits from world famous strains and the characteristics of their home grown strains. This makes for a truly explosive final product – hence the name Bomb Seeds.

Bomb Seeds are organically cultivated in the Netherlands under stringently meticulous conditions. All batches are frequently tested for optimum superiority and uniformity. All Bomb Seeds are then hand selected to ensure maturity and viability. Bomb Seeds genetics are fully stabilised and bred for comprehensive genetic consistency, guaranteeing all strains and traits breed true in every plant.

During batch testing in the Netherlands under optimum conditions, Bomb seeds must achieve a 95% germination rate before they are selected for general sale.

Bomb seeds are kept in a temperature and humidity controlled environment at all times. The breeders use commercial refrigerators maintained at a constant temperature of 6 degrees centigrade so customers can be assured of maximum freshness when purchasing Bomb Seeds.

While much of Bomb Seeds extensive collection of strains is very popular, there are a few strains in particular that impress customers consistently. These all tend to be Bomb Seeds’ collection of very potent High-THC strains including, Kush Bomb, Ice Bomb, Cherry Bomb and Atomic Fem.

Most impressively Bomb Seeds holds one of the highest customer ratings for a breeder on Seedsman. Considering that we stock seeds from over 90 breeders, that is an impressive feat.

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