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Hand-rubbed charas strain.
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All product information is provided 'as is', for informational and educational purposes only. The information is obtained from breeders and Seedsman cannot gurantee its accuracy. Yield, Height, THC and CBD content are given by the breeder and should be considered to be based on indoor cultivation (unless stated otherwise) by an experienced grower. Seedsman sells cannabis seeds as collectable adult genetic preservation souvenirs and reserves the right to refuse a sale to anyone we think might use them for cultivating cannabis in countries where it's illegal.

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Murree hails from Murree, Pir Panjal, Pakistan, a region known as the Galyat Himalaya, at latitude 33.5° north. Their appearance suggests that they sit somewhere between a domesticated land-race strain and a wild, weedy type of cannabis known as ruderal. Murree is positioned in an alpine region where it receives heavy monsoon rains; consequently these plants have a very good resistance to the rains and humidity, and also to the

Lying to the west of the Kashmir region, Murree is the most westerly outpost for hand-rubbing charas in the manner of Kashmiri or Malana hash. This fact gives a string indication that these plants are closely related to those in Kashmir itself. These plants grow at altitude, around 2500 metres, and grow very tall at 3 metres or more. They can be either broad or medium-leaved, with red stems, and produce plenty of resin despite the rains being highly mould-resistant. This strain can also be grown in a greenhouse but some training will probably be required to control its height. Northern hemisphere harvests will be during October.

A range of scents from floral and sweet citrus to fuel and rubber is produced. Some plants will produce quite high levels of CBD while others may show ruderal or intermediate traits. Especially good for those who love charas plants or Kashmir and other Himalayan land-race strains.


Breeder/Brand The Real Seed Company
Genetics Galyat Himalaya Land-race
Variety Mostly Indica
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Regular
Plant Height 300 cm. or more
Grows Greenhouse, Outdoors
Harvest Month October
Taste / Flavour Citrus, Flowery, Fuel, Rubber, Sweet

About The Real Seed Company

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"We have the best selection of genuine straight-from-the-source traditional cannabis strains on the web. That means they are open pollinated, so you are going to get a lot of diversity in each strain, as well as vigour”.  - The Real Seed Company

The Real Seed Company is a group of collectors dedicated to releasing traditional connoisseur cannabis cultivars in their pure, un-hybridised form. Global ecology has reached crisis point, and cannabis is no exception: the biodiversity of one of the world's most ancient crop plants is now under serious threat.

Founded in 2007 in response to the damage being inflicted on top-end cannabis cultivars by prohibition, The Real Seed Company has taken an unprecedented step in the history of cannabis seed banks by offering an extensive and open catalogue of rare and authentic heirloom cannabis varieties that can be owned by everyone. They have been documenting their journey in trying to find rare strains direct from their source.

All of their lines are fully authentic ganja, charas and hashish cultivars from the ancient heartlands of cannabis culture. With a wide range of varieties from high CBD potential genepools for medical users and breeders, and fine representatives of renowned high THC ganja and charas lines from legendary regions like Kerala, Thailand and Mazar-i-Sharif, The Real Seed Company catalogue is already unparalleled - and it's growing all the time.

As the germination and cultivation of Cannabis sativa L without a license is illegal in most countries all of their seeds come in collectible protective packaging which is well suited to long term storage through refrigeration, the best method to preserve this invaluable plant seed and maintain these ancient lines for a saner post-prohibition future. Buy The Real Seed Company seeds from Seedsman with confidence.

To find out more, read our 10 Quick Questions with The Real Seed Company.

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